Yogic thought of the week- Technology

A few different things have influenced this thought. The iPhone 5th birthday last week, conversations with friends and parenting strategies.

How much time a day do YOU spend in front of a screen? I mean really, not at work, but phone (texting), TV, emails, twitter, etc. Is there an American Pediatric association screen time recommendation for adults, hold on let me Google that!

So what does all this extra screen time mean for us as adults, less personal communication (I mean  phone or in person), less social skills, less attention to our loved ones…. has your kid or spouse ever said “did you hear me, stop texting?”

What does it mean for the next generation, yes my brother would argue intellectual develop and really watching a 2 year old with an ipad or tablet is insane and why do they know their ABC’s before they are two??? But really what about playing outside, some people argue they need downtime? Isn’t that napping or quiet playtime with imagination or arts and crafts is for?

Basically I am wondering what is this technology doing to us. I am not the first or the last to wonder it…..but isn’t it something we should be conscious of and set limits like any habits? I often think what would a day be like in my normal life, not vacation, without my phone, not a work day but a weekend…..how would I fill my time?

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