yogic thought of the week- listening

A few weeks ago I was hanging out with a friend, she was telling me a story that happened to her and how another friend instead of just listening to her started to analyze and dissect her story, she than told me all she wanted was someone to listen. It dawned on me how often do we talk to people and not really hear them? Yoga is about being present in the moment, do you hold space for your family and friends and listen to them, I mean REALLY listen to them. It is human to tune out and analyze or dare I say judge but can you watch how you listen and try to be more present?

As a parent of a 2 year old I find this incredibly hard when hanging out with other moms because we are constantly watching our kids, and trying to hold a conversation. That’s why with most of my close friends we have mommy dates without the kids. But even when you have to focus on two things let’s say making dinner and talking to your spouse, do you hear what they are saying or do you begin to listen to the story and than either verbally or non verbally start analyzing the story, interrupt the story for questions, or offer your opinion when you aren’t asked?

Then I took this idea of listening even further and thought, how often do you walk into a room or outside and just listen to your surroundings? This week I am going to try to stay present and listen to everyone and everything around me and notice if maybe I can hear things from a different perspective…..

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3 Responses to yogic thought of the week- listening

  1. G.G. says:

    You are so right and I think I am probably guilty of that very thing although I really try to listen carefully and am always interested in all of my family’s comments. Hard sometime when there are a lot around.

    • mommayogi says:

      Yes I agree very hard but sometimes it is just about trying your best and being aware!

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  2. Mmm…great challenge – I think I might just have to join you in this endeavour!

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