Yogic thought of the week- Service

This time of year is quite overwhelming, the amount of presents, parties and holiday cheer. My family loves to do the gift thing, and I love the joy of giving and receiving as well. This year during my shopping I remembered the day I bought the person behind me a coffee and how shocked and happy it made them. I remembered the joy on my families faces on past Christmas mornings not just opening presents but just having fun together. It made me remember a concert I was so blessed to witness of the Kenya choir boys and through it I learned about Free the children. Then I thought about service. This time of year some people feel so guilty for spending so much on their family, the shear money that goes into the holiday season alone is crazy.

How can we balance it? Service. That is my answer this year. I always give money instead of buying a gift for my brother (he requests it), I did a charity yoga class to raise money for Free The Children, my daughter donated some toys to a native reserve that is in need and I bought some presents from artisans that help struggling countries. Really it IS small things that can make a difference.

How can your serve your community this month? or this year?

“Therefore always perform unattached the deed to be done. For the man who performs actions without attachment obtains the supreme” Bhagavad Gita 3:19

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