Yogic thought of the week- a moment

Before I had my daughter I had time for lots of these. You know those moments when you just pause, notice the weather, a song in a store, the way something smells etc. Than motherhood hit, the rush, playdates, school, activities, lord knows you can you have to always being doing something. Even when we hang out at home we never stop, as a toddler in my experience is consistently on the move. Now I do try to stay in the present, to enjoy the time we spend together and all the little adventures. However, on Saturday I had the blessing of having a few hours off parenting. I did my practice than I took my dog for a nature walk in an off leash area. I just strolled along, not worrying about snacks, anyone tripping over a log or eating dirt. We walk over a bridge and BAM it hit me. I looked around at the trees, smelt the air, and took a deep breath. I had a moment.

Take time this week to have a moment.

I do all the fun things I enjoy, I make sure I live my life to the fullest, but sometimes I forget to pause and enjoy it before rushing off to the next thing.

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